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Custom Software and Database Development

Existing products do not always meet customer needs. If our technology evaluation services determine that there is no tool to meet our customer's needs, we assist the customer in answering the following questions:

    Can existing tools be customized to meet the integration needs?
    If existing tools do not meet the current needs, what new tools need to be developed?

Sometimes existing products can be customized. Other times, new tools must be developed. If new development is needed, we begin with our suite of database integration tools and other commercially available technologies.

Our suite of data integration tools is under development and includes:

  • XServe - Data server for XML databases
  • RServe - Relational database adaptor
  • Navigator - User tool for browsing and querying XML data sources
  • Integrator - Integrates heterogeneous XML data sources

In addition, we are investigating how graph database technologies can be integrated with XML databases to provide enhanced linking capabilities.

A custom solution may include development of a web application for heterogeneous XML databases. An introduction to the methodology we use in designing databases is described in our training material, including the book Designing XML Databases.

Documentation for the software that comes with the book is also available:

  • Documentation for the software as javadocs.
  • Examples for utilizing the software.

XWeave also sponsors the Open Source XML Database Software project XWDB.

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